1983 Subaru L-Series wagon

In Australia, the Leone wagon was called the "L-Series" (only sedans wore the Leone name). The 2nd generation model, pictured here, is extremely rare - this is the first one I think I've seen in at least 10 years (the 3rd generation model, however, sold from 1985-1994, is still occasionally seen). All L-Series wagons in Australia were AWD - there was no 2WD version available. This 1983 model sure stood out in a Toorak Woolworths car park full of expensive cars. The car's condition was average for it's age - the paint was quite faded, as expected. The plates on the car are not original, but are re-prints, as they lack the "Garden State" slogan. These slogan-less plates would have been issued after 1994, since that's when the slogan was dropped. In the photo, we can see that the owner is quite elderly, meaning that this is almost certainly a one owner car.


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