1978 Chrysler Sigma (GE)

Mitsubishi Sigmas are rarely seen on the roads anymore in Australia, let alone *Chrysler* Sigmas! This is a 1978 model, with the 2.0L "Astron" 4-cylinder engine and 3-speed automatic. Photograph was taken in Hawthorn. This 39-year-old car was in decent condition for it's age, however, the front grille was missing. The Sigma was originally introduced in 1977 in Australia, and was built locally. It was sold as a Chrysler initially, before being rebranded as a Mitsubishi in 1981. Engine options were originally a 1.6L, 1.85L, and 2.0L, while a re-shuffle in 1979 saw the choices being: 1.6L, 2.0L, or 2.6L.

Note that the "Ripponlea" sticker on the back window was a large inner suburb Mitsubishi dealer in Melbourne, which existed up until about 2010, before closing.


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