Blast from the past, part 1: 1974 Datsun 260C

Photographed on August 21, 2008, on Alma Road, St Kilda East, Melbourne: this exceptionally rare, then 34-year-old 1974 Datsun 260C! I am assuming it's a 1974 model, as that's when the plate "LXE" was issued, however, registration on this car has long expired, as you would expect. These models were fully imported, not built in Australia as most cars were at the time. This might be the reason why it held up so well over the years? The 260C was the successor to the 240C, and was itself replaced with the 280C, and in 1984, finally, the 300C. A truly unique find - I doubt I will ever come across another one again. Incidentally, this car was parked right near a 1976 Rambler Matador wagon (see my other post) - so someone on that street had a love of old cars!


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