1981 Mitsubishi Colt GLX

Spotted on the Nepean Highway, Elwood was this 1981 Mitsubishi Colt with manual transmission. These Colts were built in Australia between 1981 and 1989; seeing one of them still on the roads today is rare, let alone an early '81 model! Like most old cars I've spotted recently, the condition is excellent - no visible dents or scratches, or fading/peeling of the paint. This car has dual side mirrors - quite uncommon in small cars at the time. All 1981 models were GLX grade, equipped with 1.4L engines, with either a 4-speed manual or 3-speed auto. The initial "RA" model featured rectangular sealed-beam headlights - these didn't last long, being replaced with larger composite lights in the late '82 "RB" model update, along with extra model grades.

Update: several weeks later, this same car was spotted again during the day parked on Park Street, South Melbourne, about 8km away.


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