1980 Mazda 626

Spotted on a lovely sunny winter's day in Caulfield was this beautiful 37-year-old 1980 Mazda 626. These first generation 626s (which, unlike later models, were only available as a sedan) went on sale in Australia in November 1978, and are very rarely seen anymore. Unlike the majority of cars in Australia at that time, which were built locally, Mazdas have always been fully imported. Maybe the Japanese build quality is the reason why it's held up so well over the years. The yellow paint seems to be in pretty good condition, with some fading on the bonnet and roof, but still looking good as new on the side panels (see reflection in the paint!). Also features dual side mirrors, and original "Garden State" plate, which means there's a chance this could be a 1 owner vehicle. Sadly, registration expired 4 weeks prior - hopefully not for good!

Note: exactly one week after spotting this car, I saw another 1979 model in the same colour, also in Caulfield! (see my other post)


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