1985 Rover Quintet

A rebadged Honda, the Rover Quintet was only sold in Australia from 1983-1985, making it very rare. This particular car spotted in the wealthy suburb of Toorak, Melbourne, was in very good condition despite being 31 years old. The car still has the original front plate, but the rear one is a replacement (due to the missing "Garden State" slogan from the bottom). You can see that the front bumper was replaced at some point, as it's a much darker colour than the rear bumper and side trim.

Update: today (May 30), I was browsing Google Maps street view, and found another Rover Quintet in the small town of Hamilton, Victoria! (see photo below). This image was taken in 2010, however, so who knows if the car still exists today? Quite a remarkable coincidence, that I happen to spot one in real life one day, and then the very next day, I find another online on Google Maps!



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